Coming in from the cold

After a hiatus of some months, I’ve decided that I have far too much to say to remain silent. So. I’m back and I’m still bemused. If you are not feeling the same way, you haven’t been paying attention.

I have also decided to rename the blog. No longer will it be “An Inconvenient Bruce”. although that was a good name as long as Al Gore was pimping his global warming book and I could tag along for free. There seemed, however, to be a shelf-life issue with that connection especially after Al was accused of groping a massage therapist. One must know the risks of celebrity associations, e.g. Woods/Accenture.

The new blog name is “13th Clown”, a name that may or may not be explained in due course. Also, to make it easier for readers to comment, I have changed from the Blogspot version to the WordPress version. This change has not been without its frustrations but I believe that it’s all worth it because of all the extra gidgets, gadgets, widgets, etc.

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4 Responses to Coming in from the cold

  1. Tim Campen says:

    Go for it!!

  2. Brother Bill says:

    I, for one, was hoping for a resurgence of pithy commentary that reaffirmed that we were spawned by the same parents, share occasionally off-center points of view and a not always appreciated sense of humor, right and wrong. I agree with Tim, “Go for it!”

  3. Brooke Yount says:

    Welcome back Boots! Your humor may be lost on some folks, but not on me. Love you and your insightful point-of-view.

  4. Charles Ginden says:

    No worse, but nobetter.

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