Morally Incorrect Trump

The Clown tripped over the truth about Donald Trump years ago. I have never bothered to write about him, however, because poking fun or sarcasm at such a ridiculous, egotistical and narcissistic gasbag was way too easy. The Clown likes a challenge, you know, like stuffing 27 clowns and a Shetland pony into a VW bug.

Now, however, the man who was born on third and claims that he hit a triple is one step away from becoming president. The stakes are much higher than whether he will have to shutter yet another casino, take bankruptcy and put hundreds of more employees out on the street, just like any “successful businessman”.

Trump’s latest insult of the parents of a soldier who sacrificed his life in defense of the U.S. and happened to be Muslim, has triggered the reptilian portion of the Clown’s brain, a portion that is unusually large. Trump’s earlier mocking of John McCain’s sacrifice in combat and in a moldering Hanoi prison was shocking, but McCain is alive and can protect himself from school-yard bullies and he is finally doing so. Khizr and Ghazala Khan’s son, Captain Humayun Khan, however, is in his grave, silent and forever removed from his grieving parents. Others must speak for him.

Before I get to the payoff paragraph of this brief post, a little personal Clown history.

Corporal George East, infantry, wounded at Antietam and Gettysburg (great-great grandfather).

Sergeant Gerald Gillies, B-17 tail gunner, killed in action, August 1944, Normandy, France (uncle)

Captain Bernard Johnson, Military Intelligence recon pilot, killed in action, February 1972, Parrot’s Beak, Vietnam (bunk mate and good friend).

These are just three soldiers in the Clown’s history who bled or died in service to their country. There are many others among my family and friends who willingly put themselves in harm’s way: Grandpop Roy, U.S. Expeditionary Force in France, 1917; Great Uncle Tom, machine gunner, France, 1917; Uncle Bill, crew chief on a B-25 bomber in the Burma Theater, 1942-43; Uncle Bob, machinist’s mate on the destroyer U.S.S O’Bannon in the Solomon Islands, 1942-43; close friend and Officer’s School classmate,  1LT Tim Campen, military intelligence scout in the Jungles of Vietnam, 1970, and my son-in-law Captain Paul Yount, 1st Marine Division Artillery Battery commander during the 21-day battle for Baghdad, 2003 to name a few

The Clown has a pretty firm grasp on the meaning of “sacrifice”. Donald Trump hasn’t a clue.

The Clown will not be surprised but will be deeply disappointed that any military veteran would pull the lever, punch the ballot or click on the box that would help make this deeply flawed man the Commander in Chief of hundreds of thousands of men and women currently in uniform.

The Clown is not pimping for any other candidate. Vote for anyone, the Democrat, the Libertarian, the Green Party candidate; anyone except Donald Trump. A vote for Trump, in my opinion, would be a betrayal of George, Gerald, Bernie, Captain Khan and hundreds of thousands of others who truly sacrificed in service to America. They are not to be mocked.


Observoid of the Day: I’m a big fan of clowns, but America can’t abide one becoming president.

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6 Responses to Morally Incorrect Trump

  1. Marsella Fults says:

    Right on, Clown! He is a disgrace.

  2. Barbara Buell says:

    And the Clowns comments on Clinton? Did I miss those?

  3. Teresa says:

    Thanks for writing that.

  4. Dolly says:

    True true true. Only one of the many reasons he is an inappropriate presidential candidate. Our Houston Chronicle came out for Hillary, or rather against him, last Sunday in a very reasoned editorial that addressed his character flaws that makes the prospect of him winning truly terrifying.

  5. Bill Grant says:

    But, at this point, what difference does it make? My upset is that the political polarization in America today makes it almost impossible to even have a civil rational and logical discussion of policy and issues without descending into a meaningless shout fest. Don’t bother with the details or the context, just slime someone. Actually, progressives should be happy that Trump manages to self destruct so well. He almost gives credence to the conspiracy theory that he was secretly hired by the Clinton Foundation to run a bogus campaign.

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