Pray For Donald in 2020 (If You’re the Praying Type)

The New Year is here. It looks to be a very special, perhaps critical, year for our Republic, maybe the world.

I suggest, for those of you who pray and even those of you who usually don’t, pray for Donald Trump. He is a deeply flawed man who needs divine intervention. Donald Trump’s world view is primarily driven by a mental health malady called Pathologic Narcissism. Those with mental or physical challenges deserve prayers from those who care.

Pray that Donald suddenly acquires wisdom, a sense of humor, self-awareness, kindness, empathy, curiosity, a firm moral center, humbleness and a reverence for truth. Pray that he finally recognizes that our fragile Republic needs three equal branches of government plus a free and accurate press to survive.


  1. Insulting the dead or their families is humorous.
  2. Anyone who disagrees with me is my enemy…and stupid.
  3. I am infallible.
  4. Psychopathic killers in uniform are America’s “true warriors”.
  5. Misogyny is the right of rich men.
  6. Bullying the weak, the cripple or defenseless is humorous.
  7. I never lie. If I said it, it’s true.
  8. Loyalty to me is more important than truth or dignity.
  9. Better to surround yourself with family than competent professionals.
  10. The world’s flora and fauna will take care of themselves.
  11. History teaches us nothing.
  12. Washington bureaucrats are evil and intent on destroying America.
  13. White Nationalists praise and support me. They are good people.
  14. All Democrats are evil idiots.
  15. Capitalists never cheat.
  16. Healthcare is for those who can afford it.
  17. The world will be just fine without American leadership.
  18. A free press is the enemy of the people, except FOX.
  19. Misleading evangelicals secures their vote.

Pray, too, for those smart, competent, civic-minded Republicans who realize that with the tap of the Twitter send icon that their careers, their potential efforts to work honorably with Democratic lawmakers will come to ashes. And, this fear of Trump won’t end until he can no longer Tweet and destroy, in or out of office. And even then, be sure that one of his progeny will pick up the mantle of lies and bile to threaten reasonable Republicans, using “the base” as the cudgel.

Pray that some of those who read this post will put their distain and anger at me aside for a moment and re-read the above list and determine how many of these views they really don’t embrace. Maybe some of his base will come to realize the folly of this pitiful man’s world view and sneak out the side entrance of the tent and refuse to be part of his political sledge hammer. It’s being used to shatter goodwill, compromise, important institutions and honorable reputations. His supporters should look into their own hearts and decide if Donald Trump is the decent human role model they want for themselves, their children or grandchildren. I predict that many of them really don’t. Christianity Today bravely came to that conclusion.

Only when “the base” has shrunk enough to no longer matter, will the nation move forward, wounded but determined to let its better angels repair the great experiment set in motion in 1776. The alternative is terrifying.


Observoid of the Day: Robespierre’s Maxim: Populist uprisings always end tragically.

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3 Responses to Pray For Donald in 2020 (If You’re the Praying Type)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I envy your ability to put into words exactly what I also think. There are people I go to church with that think that Trump can do no wrong, I wonder if they can possibly be worshiping the same god that I do.

  2. Lindsay M Breeden says:

    Go, Clown. Agree with every word. Thank you!

  3. David Leonard says:

    Absolutely! Still waiting for that “McCarthy” moment when some Senate Republican finds the moral strength to speak up.

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