Bruce Brittain’s Bona Fides

When I trip over the truth, instead of picking myself up, dusting myself off and continuing on my way, I like to sit there and study that truth for awhile. Sometimes nothing changes but it’s the times when everything changes that make the pratfalls worthwhile

3 Responses to Bruce Brittain’s Bona Fides

  1. cenira coelho says:

    Até porque, na maioria das vezes, quando nos tropeçamos com nossas verdades, já estamos comprometidos com nossas mentiras…
    Aí, é preciso mesmo sentar e pensar.

  2. Bob dennis says:

    Bruce, good seeing you and Mimi in Wrightsville.
    Enjoyed your musings on Ebola .


  3. Wanda Bryant Ruffin says:

    Bruce, a friend referred me to your blog when I expressed frustration regarding so much misinformation defensive gun lovers are posting on Face Book. I found your writing and recommendations re: what could be done to change the rampart spread and misuse of guns in USA to be clear and practical.

    My friend recommends I follow your blog, so I’m sending my email address in hopes that I can be added to your list of blog recipients.

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